2017 AdMoDamm

Efficient irrigation technology on ridges

With the nozzles on the adapter module only the top of the ridge is irrigated.

Within the framework of the German Innovation Partnership for Agriculture (DIP), a joint project is being promoted which aims to develop a user-friendly and efficient irrigation system for ridges.

The three-year project will be funded with about 235,000 euros from the federal special funds at the Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank and supervised by the promoter BLE (ptble). The project titled "Development of an adapter module for the irrigation machine for water-saving field irrigation of ridges (AdMoDamm)" is being developed by the University of Kassel and Beinlich Agrarpumpen und -maschinen GmbH in the period 2017-2020.

It builds on the predecessor project "Water-saving irrigation by multi-phase strip application (Streifapp)", which was funded from 2012 to 2016 through the Innovation Program of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. In this project, an adapter module for jet trucks for the strip-shaped irrigation of ridge cultures, such as carrots or beetroot was developed.

In the recently launched follow-up project, this irrigation technology is now to be made marketable. The aim is to improve the handling of the adapter module, so that it can be used  with conventional nozzle trucks from different manufacturers.Skids will be used, instead of wheels

The desired adapter module is like a sled wich run in the furrows between the different  cultures grown on ridges. Adjustable nozzles will allow an efficient water application.

The nozzles attached to the adapter module only irrigate the crowns of the ridges. The water is applied directly to the seed or plant at the top of the rows. Embankment flanks and furrows remain dry. The resulting reduced weed growth will reduce weeding . The dry furrows are also immediately accessible again and are less compressed.

The greatest advantage of the desired irrigation technology, however, lies above all in the resource-saving use of water. The project thus makes an important contribution to the German Sustainability Strategy of the 2030 Agenda, which aims to increase the efficiency of water use in all sectors.

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Projektverantwortlich : Prof. Dr. Oliver Hensel