2017 OPOS

Weber Ultrasonics Group

Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand
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Development of a process for the production of an open-cell foam by irradiation of closed-cell foams with ultrasonic for the production of cost-effective filtration membranes (OPOS)

OPOS aims at developing an innovative way to produce microfiltration membranes. The innovative approach here is to treat extruded but closed-cell flat foams, which are impermeable for liquid media, into open-pore filtration membranes with a defined permeability by applying ultrasonic waves. These novel filtration membranes are to be used in the field of microfiltration of partially treated waste water.. They ensure a reliable retention of pathogens from irrigation water and thus enable for the first time irrigation with only slightly treated wastewater. For irrigated agriculture, this gives the first opportunity to profit from the nutrients contained in the wastewater, while at the same time producing hygienic food.

responsible : Dr. Christian Dede