2018 SusOrgPlus

SusOrgPlus will address these issues for the processing and production of value added products (natural additives/colourants) of selected plant and animal origin products. Novel, smart processes, natural additives/colourants and supporting material for a Code of Practice will be developed. Inclusion of leading food scientists, process-, mechanical and control engineers, agriculturalist and a technology provider and utilisation of a stakeholder-guided approach will assure all aspects relevant for the development of smart, efficient and low energy input processes and value added products are adequately addressed. The geographical balance, with participants from Central, Eastern, Northern and Southern Europe, will assure the relevance of the project across the EU and beyond. SusOrgPlus provides: i) Intelligent processing technologies, ii) Value Added Products (Natural Additives and Dyes), iii) Increased process efficiencies, reduction of specific resource requirements and exit from fossil fuels through the use of renewable energy sources (RES), iv) Reduce direct waste and increase livelihoods by using and upgrading products that are rejected by the fresh produce market, v) Solid database, vi) Holistic management and evaluation of value chains, environmental impact (LCA) and economic (LCCA) analyzes for selected products (drying and natural additives / dyes) to help benchmark production

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coordination :  Dr. Barbara Sturm

responsible: Gardis von Gersdorff