Boris Kulig (Dipl.-Ing.)

Project Assistant
Address Universität Kassel
Fachbereich Ökologische Agrarwissenschaften
Fachgebiet Agrartechnik
Nordbahnhofstr. 1 a
D- 37213 Witzenhausen
Room + 2230
Telephone +49 05542 98-1650
Telefax +49 05542 98-1520
E-mail address
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Research Specialisations


Based on an interdisciplinary research design

involving the disciplines animal breeding, animal husbandry, animal

nutrition, and precision livestock farming, the most relevant European

dual-purpose cattle breeds will be evaluated with regard to within and

across breed comparisons for novel traits, economic evaluation criteria,

for selection signatures and biodiversity, and for different breeding

strategies. [...more]

Current Courses

Technik in der Tierhaltung

Project planning and statistical design of experiments (DoE)