Manika Rödiger

Address Department of Agricultural and Food Marketing
Building: DITSL
Room 0133
Telephone +49 5542 98-1283
Telefax +49 5542 98-1286
Picture of  Manika M.Sc. Rödiger

Research focus

Marketing and consumer behaviour in the food market, in particular

  • Organic food
  • Price behaviour of consumers
  • Eye-Tracking

Short portrait

  • Since 09/13 Scientific Assistant at the Department of Agricultural and Food Marketing, University of Kassel
  • 06/13 – 08/13 and 04/08 – 08/09 staff in an organic supermarket
  • 02/13 Research trip to Australia through a mobility grant of the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food
  • 10/10 – 07/12 MSc in Integrated Natural Resource Management, Humboldt-University Berlin
    Master Thesis on the topic „Climate variability in Europe 1969-2010 and impact on beginning and ending of the vegetation period“
  • 09/09 – 09/10 Master of Human Ecology, Vrije Universiteit Brussel    Master Paper on the topic „Commercial Urban Agriculture – an option for European cities?“
  • 10/05 – 09/09 BSc Agricultural Sciences, Humboldt-University Berlin Bachelor Thesis on the topic „Growth of different alfalfa genotypes on desert soil“, Experiment in pots in the greenhouse of the University of Ismailia, Egypt

Journal articels (peer reviewed)

  • JANSSEN, M., RÖDIGER, M., HAMM, U. (2016): Labels for Animal Husbandry Systems Meet Consumer Preferences: Results from a Meta-analysis of Consumer Studies. In: Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, vol. 29, issue 6, p. 1071-1100. Full text available:
  • RÖDIGER, M., PLAßMANN, S., HAMM, U. (2016): Organic consumers’ price knowledge, willingness-to-pay and purchase decision. In: British Food Journal, vol. 118, no. 11, p. 2732-2743. Full text available:
  • JANSSEN, M., BUSCH, C., RÖDIGER, M. and HAMM, U. (2016): Motives of consumers following a vegan diet and their attitudes towards animal agriculture. Appetite 105, p. 643-651. Full text available:
  • RÖDIGER, M., HAMM, U. (2015): How are organic food prices affecting consumer behaviour? - A review. In: Food Quality and Preference, vol. 43, p. 10-20. Full text available:
  • RÖDIGER, M., SERBSER, W.H., STEINER, D. (2013): International aktiv – Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Humanökologie stärkt ihre Partnerschaften. [Internationally active – The German Society for Human Ecology strengthens its partnerships (translation by Rödiger, M.)] In: GAIA, vol. 22, issue 2, p. 140-141.


  • HAMM, U., RÖDIGER, M. (2017): Produkt- und Preisdifferenzierung auf der Basis von Tierhaltungsverfahren. Presented by U. Hamm for the Agrarökonomisches Seminar at the University of Göttingen on 21 Nov. 2017.
  • RÖDIGER, M., JANSSEN, M., HAMM, U. (2017). Multi-level animal welfare labels reflect consumer preferences: Insights from a systematic review. Talk at the 7th International Conference on the Assessment of Animal Welfare at Farm and Group level, 5-8 September, 2017, Ede, The Netherlands. Proceedings ISBN: 978-90-8686-314-3.
  • RÖDIGER, M., HAMM, U. (2017). Visual intake of price information of organic food - a shopping task with Eye Tracking Glasses. Poster presented at the 19th European Conference on Eye Movements (ECEM), 20-24 August, 2017, University of Wuppertal, Germany.
  • RÖDIGER, M., JANSSEN, M. (2017): Attitudes of vegan consumers of animal farming. Presentation for the Fachtagung Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft und die Zukunft tierischer Nahrungsmittel, 21-22 April 2017, Evangelische Akademie Sachsen-Anhalt e. V., Wittenberg.
  • STEINHAUSER, J., RÖDIGER, M. (2017): Eye-Tracking in Marketing Research. Presentation for the course "Concepts and methods of marketing research", Faculty of Landscape Management and Nature Conservation, 11 May 2017, Master of Science Ecological and Agricultural Management, Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde.
  • RÖDIGER, M., HAMM, U. (2015): Einstellungen von Veganern zur Landwirtschaft und Schlussfolgerungen für den ökologischen Landbau [Attitudes of vegans towards agriculture and conclusions for organic farming (translated by Rödiger, M.)]. Presentation at the 9. expert talk "Vegane Ernährung [the vegan diet (translated by Rödiger, M.)]" at the Hessian Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, December 2, 2015, Wiesbaden (Germany).
  • RÖDIGER, M., HAMM, U. (2015): Was wissen wir über die Preiswahrnehmung und das Preiswissen von Konsumenten in Bezug auf Öko-Lebensmittel? Eine Literatur-Analyse. [What do we know about price perception and price knowledge of organic food consumers? A literature analysis (translation by Rödiger, M.)] In: HÄRING, A.M., HÖRNING, B., HOFFMANN-BAHNSEN, R., LULEY, H., LUTHARDT, V., PAPE, J. (Hrsg.): Am Mut hängt der Erfolg: Rückblicke und Ausblicke auf die ökologische Landbewirtschaftung. Beiträge zur 13. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, Eberswalde, 17.-20- März 2015. Berlin: Verlag Dr. Köster, S. 676-679.
  • Exhibition of a scientific poster at the poster competition oft he GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) „Zwischen Hörsaal und Projekt“
  • Pecha-Kucha presentation at the student workshop of the joint conference 2013 of the Society of Human Ecology (SHE) and International Conference on Sustainability Sciences Asia (ICSS-Asia) in Canberra, Australia


  • German
  • English


  • Project Seminar Marketing Research, M.Sc. (WS 2015, WS 2016)
  • Marketing Research, M.Sc. (WS 2013, WS 2014)
  • Agricultural and Food Marketing, B.Sc. (SS 2014, SS 2015)