We are looking for students for the preparation of project and bachelor theses in current environmental chemistry and pedological projects.

Please report:
Prof. Dr. B. Ludwig
Tel.: 05542-981631

The Department in Focus

The research and education of the department covers different aspects of environmental chemistry. The main focus is on the following topics:

(i) The sustainability of ecological agriculture regarding the nutrient dynamics under different management (e.g. addition of different organic fertilizers, at different ploughing depths or different crop rotations)

(ii) A risk assessment of slightly contaminated materials (e.g. ashes and slags) which are the by-products of the "Kreislaufwirtschaft"

Apart from routine analyses (atomic absorption spectroscopy, ion chromatography, continuous flow analyses, infrared spectroscopy, gas chromatography), methods include different computer models (e.g. PHREEQC2 and the Rothamsted Carbon Model) and stable isotopes.