Doctoral Theses

Author Title Year Link
Nodirjon Nurmatov Energetische Verwertung städtischen Laubs 2017 PDF
Liina Nurk Laboratory and field experiment evaluation of alternatives for maize in biogas production 2017 PDF
Hanieh Safari Combined use of spectral signatures and ultrasonic sward height for the assessment of biomass and quality parameters in heterogeneous pastures 2017 PDF
Meike Piepenschneider Urban Grass and Grass-Leaf Litter Mixtures as Source for Bioenergy Recovery 2015 PDF
Henning Hahn Economic and ecological evaluation of biogas plant configurations for a demand oriented biogas supply for flexible power generation 2015 PDF
Miriam Ehret Alley cropping of willows and grassland for bioenergy provision: productivity, tree-crop interactions and energy balance 2015 PDF
Meike Andruschkewitsch Nitrogen and carbon dynamics in grassland soils and plants after application of digestate 2015 PDF
Frank Hensgen Examining European semi-natural grassland silages and urban green cut as input sources for the integrated generation of solid fuel and biogas from biomass 2014 PDF
Lutz Bühle Biological and chemical parameters and life cycle assessment of the integrated generation of solid fuel and biogas from biomas 2013 PDF
Thomas Fricke Sensorische Erfassung von Grünlandbiomassen als Grundlage für ein teilflächenspezifisches Management im Ökologischen Landbau 2013 PDF
Jan Khalsa Effects of plant diversity on bioenergy parameters in grassland biomass 2013 PDF
Maike Himstedt Digital image analysis as a tool to estimate legume contributions in legume-grass swards 2010 PDF
Daniela Perbandt Determination of yield and quality parameters of energy crops applying laboratory and field spectroscopy 2010 PDF
Felix Richter Impact of sward type, cutting date and conditioning temperature on mass and energy flows in the integrated generation of solid fuel and biogas from semi-natural grassland 2010 PDF
Sonja Biewer Hyperspectral field measurements to determine dry matter yield and nutritive value of legume-grass swards 2009 PDF