Z: Coordination

The goal of the Z-Project is to facilitate the collaborative implementation of the Indo-German FOR2432 and to ensure its visibility and standing in the larger context of international collaboration in agricultural and environmental research. Specifically the Z-Project will coordinate the day-to-day management of FOR2432, the adherence to the established ethical norms and data handling routines, the preparation of project meetings, the organisation of communication between the projects, the negotiation of contracts between German and Indian partners, the coordination of financial issues and reporting, and the information of the public about the consortium´s research progress and results. The Z-Project will also monitor the implementation of the planned measures for early career support and gender equity. The Z-Project will also coordinate the development of theory building, the development of overall and cluster-specific hypotheses guiding our joint research, and the preparation of new activities and components of FOR2432. This includes in particular the establishment of the W2-SES professorship and its smooth integration into our consortium. FOR2432 will have a German coordination office in Kassel-Witzenhausen / Göttingen, and the project-specific Indian Rural-Urban Centre at UASB in Bangalore, India.

Coordination of the Indian partner-consortium:
B.V.C. Reddy, K.N. Ganeshaiah & V.R.R. Parama
University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore