Amilcar Pereira

Address External PhD research student
graduating at the Humboldt-University of Berlin
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Doctoral research study

"Agricultural Land and Water Policies in Southern Mozambique: Property Rights, Institutions, Discourses, Actors and Large-Scale Land and Water Transactions in Limpopo River Basin"

Land and water use and access in Southern Mozambique are changing as result of increasing large scale land transactions. Water and land rights are interconnected as part of transactions related to nature. Within the context of increasing foreign investments in intensive agro-industrial production involving large amounts of land and water, and the adoption by the Mozambican government of an agricultural policy that favours agricultural development through foreign corporate investments, possibly linking up to smallholders through outgrowers’ systems, the question of securing land and water rights for smallholder communities becomes paramount. Benefits of large-scale land acquisitions have also been subject of a controversy with discourses on one side arguing about the economic opportunities of the investment for the rural poor and on the other side arguing against large-scale land transactions due to the inherent threats posed to the rights, livelihoods and the food security of the rural poor (German, 2014). His personal motivation is on the study of discourses that shape actors perspectives and strategies concerning agricultural transformation resulting from the increase large scale land and water transactions.