For students of both bachelor and master programs the "General Regulations for Program Examination Guidelines" and the "Program Exmination Regulation" (see at the homepage of your program) are binding. The General Examination Regulation is superior to the Program Examination Regulation. Long term students should check regularly the validness of their examination regulation.

The Examination Board of the study program is supervising the adherence of the General Examination Regulation and the Program Examination Regulation and decides in case of doubt on additional regulations. The members of the board (3 professors, 1 research assistant and 1 student) are elected bi-annually by the various groups of the Faculty Board. CEO of the examination boards is Holger Mittelstraß. He is responsible for the implementation of the Examination Regulations and the Examination Boards decisions into daily practice. The study secretariate administers the examinations and issues necessary examination certificates and final certificates.

Special regulations for examinations (Summer Term 2020)

Guidelines for scientific Assignments