Supervisors for Master examinations

Resolution of the Boards of examiners of July 2nd,2007

In reference to §5 of the General Provisions of Examination Regulations at the University of Kassel following supplementary rules apply to the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences. Supervisors and examiners:

  • Supervisors and examiners need to have a teaching assignment as well as their own lectures in the respective study programme.
  • At least one of the supervisors/examiners of the Master thesis and the oral examinations must be a professor or a scientist qualified as a professor.
  • In case two members of one department will be chosen as supervisors/examiners, both members must at least hold a PhD in order to make sure that there does not exist any dependency.
  • The mentoring must be carried out by the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences. Professors or postdoctoral research fellows from other universities or public research institutions are allowed for mentoring of the final thesis as a second supervisor only (for non-public research institutions the Examination board should be consulted first). Originating costs are not refunded by the University of Kassel.

  • For the Master International Food Business and Consumer Studies following regulations are binding: The first supervisor is a member of the teaching body of either the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences of the University of Kassel or the Faculty of Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences of the Fulda University of Applied Sciences and a lecturer in the IFBC programme qualified as professor. The second supervisor of the final thesis is holder of an academic degree equivalent a master degree at the least. On application the second supervisor may come from an external university or a non-public institution. Originating costs of external supervisors are not refunded by the University of Kassel. The second supervisor may parttake at the final thesis examination via electronic transmission. This is not applicable to the examinee, who must be physically present.

  • The Examination board decides on exceptions on application.