Domainix is a tiny linux+samba+ACL distribution with the
intention to replace a Windows-domain-controller by a
linux sambaserver. It was important for me to have the
acl-patch enabled without having an overkill-distro like
SUSE 8.1 which comes with acls.

It's true that Domainix isn't really a complete distro. It's
based on the famous Core-Distro with a couple of pre-patched

Thats why the installation of Domainix needs some basic
knowledge of compiling packages or a kernel and the usage of
the commandline.

For detailed installation-instructions have a look to the

For building this distro i used:
Core Linux (
Linux Extended attributes and ACLs (
Tomsrtbt (
Thanks a lot!

You can download either anything step-by-step or the iso-image.
For suggestions and comments mailto

Happy Sambaing,
Arne Groh 2002-12-15