Current Research

Meshing highly regular structures

Meshing highly regular structures: the case of super carbon nanotubes of arbitrary order.
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Logarithmic finite element method

The Logarithmic finite element method: Shape functions defined on the logarithmic space.
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Coupling atomistic models with continuum models

The coupling of atomistic and continuum models within the same numerical simulation is essential to study the mechanical behavior of complex materials and structures.

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Topology optimization of branched carbon nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes (CNT) have excellent mechanical behavior and are favored for the construction of bottom-up structures.
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A modified approximation of the exponential Cauchy-Born rule

The mechanical behavior of shell-like nanostructures, such as carbon nanotubes (CNT) can be described within the continuum mechanics by a generalization of the Cauchy-Born (CB) rule.
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Geometry of carbon nanoscale structures

Geometric construction of self-similar carbon nanotube-based structures based on non-linear transformations of scalable base elements.
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Time integration methods in molecular mechanics

Zur Beurteilung von klassischen und modernen Zeitintegrationsverfahren in der Molekulardynamik anhand strukturdynamischer Untersuchungen – Beispiele: „pumpender“ Buckyball und axial schwingendes Kohlenstoffnanoröhrchen.
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Molecular mechanics & FEM

In molecular mechanics, the formalism of the finite element method can be exploited in order to analyze the behavior of atomic structures in a computationally efficient way.
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Piezoelectric beam

On a concept to avoid electromechanical locking in a piezoelectric finite beam element.
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Composite shell

Development of a finite shell element to compute the complete three-dimensional stress state in layered composite shell structures.
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Laminated thin-walled beams

A general numerical method for the analysis of prismatic laminated thin-walled beams.

Completed Projects

Hu-Washizu beam element

Nonlinear Hu-Washizu variational formulation for beams with arbitrary shaped cross-sections.
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3D material laws in 1D elements

A mixed hybrid finite beam element with an interface to arbitrary three-dimensional material models.
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Beam elements with strong discontinuities

Efficient finite element formulation for the analysis of localized failure in beam structures.
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Localization phenomena & FEM

Theoretical and numerical contributions for the description of localization phenomena in structural mechanics.
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Detection of rigid body motions

Algorithm for the analysis of rigid body motions of spatial beam structures.
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