International Summer University (ISU): Introduction to earthquake engineering

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe E. Dorka

Target group:

Students from Civil Engineering,

Industrial Engineering and Architects


Summer term




technical discussion; requirement:

delivery of developed excercises


for this course will cover ISU-fees and living expenses (excluding travel). To apply:

1) Download ISU application form, fill out and choose "Introduction to earthquake engineering" as a seminar, then send to

further information about Earthquake Engineering Scholarship can be found on ISU-Kassel website.


Aims of the course:

The student will be made familiar with methods and newest developments in the multidisciplinary earthquake engineering. The lecture will be held in English. 


  • fundamental seismological principles

Causes and description of earthquakes and tsunamis, recording and evaluation of earthquake waves, earthquake scales, earthquake descriptions- and models, earthquake estimation- and forecast.

  • buildings, standardization

Typical reaction of engineered and non-engineered structures, non-linear structural mechanisms, non-linear structural behaviour, soil-structure-interaction, time history analysis and response spektrum, code design and analysis (EC8, DIN 4149), new formats of proof, performance based design, structural control concepts, equipment for earthquake protection.

  • aspects of planning

architecture suitable for earthquakes, estimation of risks and reduction in urban centres, the role of lifelines.