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Upcoming CHER conference 2013

The CHER 2013 Conference will take place from 9 to 11 September 2013 at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.
Theme: The Roles of Higher Education and Research in the Fabric of Societies

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Previous CHER conferences

CHER 25nd annual Conference
Belgrade (Serbia),
9-12 September 2012
Higher Education and Social Dynamics

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CHER 24nd annual Conference
23-25 June 2011
Prospects for Higher Education in the 21st Century
Research, Ideas and policy
Venue: University of Iceland, School of Education
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CHER 23nd annual Conference
Oslo, 10-12 June 2010
Effects of Higher Education Reforms

CHER 22nd annual Conference
Porto, 10-12 September 2009
Public Vices, Private Benefits?
Assessing the role of markets in higher education

21st annual CHER Conference
11 - 13 September 2008 in Pavia, Italy.
"Excellence and Diversity in Higher Education. Meanings, Goals, and Instruments."
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August, 30 - September, 01, 2007
in Dublin, Ireland
"The Research Mission of the University"
Welcome to the CHER 2007 Conference

September 07-09 2006
in Kassel, Germany
"Systems Convergence and Institutional Diversity?"

September 01-03 2005
in Jyväskylä, Finland
"Higher Education: The Cultural Dimension - Innovative Cultures, Norms and Values"

September, 17-19, 2004
CHER meeting in Enschede, The Netherlands
"Public-Private Dynamics in Higher Education:
Expectations, Developments and Outcomes"
September, 4-6, 2003
CHER meeting in Porto, Portugal
"Reform and Change in Higher Education: Renewed expectations and improved performance?"

September 5-7, 2002
CHER meeting in Vienna, Austria
"Higher Education in the Global Age"

September 2-4, 2001
CHER meeting in Dijon, France
"Higher Education and Its Clients:
Institutional Responses to Changes in Demand and in Environment"

September, 14-16, 2000
CHER meeting in Lancaster, United Kingdom
"The Institutional Dimension:
Organizational Aspects in Higher Education Research"

June, 17-19, 1999
CHER meeting in Oslo, Norway
'The Research Function in Higher Education'

September, 3-5, 1998
CHER meeting in Kassel, Germany
'Higher Education Research - Achievements,
Conditions and New Challenges'

September, 18-20, 1997
CHER meeting in Alicante, Spain
'Evaluation and Higher Education Research'

June, 27-29, 1996
CHER meeting in Turku, Finland
'Governance and Management
in Higher Education Institutions'

September, 28-30, 1995
CHER meeting in Rome, Italy
'Cross-National Studies in Higher Education,
the state of the art in the disciplines'

October, 5-7, 1994
CHER meeting in Enschede, the Netherlands
'Cross-National Studies in Higher Education'

July, 1-3, 1993
CHER meeting in Stockholm, Sweden
'Graduate Education'

July, 23-25, 1992
CHER meeting in London, United Kingdom
'Higher Education and the world of work'

October, 19-21, 1991
CHER meeting in Dijon, France
'Higher Education Finance'

November, 9-11, 1990
CHER meeting in Brussels, Belgium
'A Changing Europe:
challenges for higher education research'

September, 1-3, 1989
CHER meeting in Enschede, the Netherlands
'Decision Making in Higher Education'

November, 24-26, 1988
Foundation of CHER in Kassel, Federal Republic of Germany