W3- Professor for Psychoanalysis - in the faculty 01 Human Sciences - immediately

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Job opening W 3-Professor for Psychoanalysis

In the faculty 01 Human Sciences a position is to be filled immediately in the Institute for Education:

W3- Professor for Psychoanalysis 

The opening is for a professor, who represents for half of the position the mentioned department of the University of Kassel and with the other half fills an executive function as director in the Sigmund-Freud Institute Frankfurt (SFI).

One of the main responsibilities involves linking psychoanalytic research with the field of empirical research of teaching and learning. For this purpose participation in the Center for Empirical Research for Teaching and Learning (ZELL) will be expected, as well as interdisciplinary cooperation with appropriate research projects at the University of Kassel.

The teaching responsibility includes foremostly the subject of psychoanalysis in the core courses in education and social science for teachers, as well as also empirical research in education, clinical psychology and psychotherapy at the master’s level. In the last mentioned area, research questions involving clinical psychology and psychotherapy should be addressed.

Beside the usual scientific qualifications (doctorate, extensive post-doctoral research and publications), international network experience in empirical research in the areas of psychoanalysis, research in education, as well as in the areas of clinical psychology and psychotherapy should be proven through appropriate publications as is experience in acquiring independent research funds. A further prerequisite includes the completion of training in psychoanalysis as well as clinical experience. German language skills are required in the near future.

The prerequisites for hiring and the demands of qualification as of §§ 61,62 of the Hessian University Law are binding. For further questions contact the Dean, Professor Dr. Heidi Möller (Tel.: 0561/804-2944, E-Mail:

Deadline for applications: 13.11.2013 

The University of Kassel is especially interested in the job satisfaction of its employees. Therefore, it furthers the compatibility of partnership and family concerning career development with its Dual Career Service and its Family Welcome Service. The strategic goals of the University of Kassel involve increasing the quota of women in research and teaching. Applications of women are therefore expressly wished. Handicapped applicants will be given preference if equally qualified. Applications are to be sent with the code number, also in electronic form, to the President of the University of Kassel, 34109 Kassel, or

Bewerbungsfrist: 13.11.2013
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