Microsoft Office Professional application for students and employees

Students and employees of the University of Kassel are entitled to install a licence for Microsoft Office Professional and can use these applications on their private computers and notebooks.

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application and renewal for a Microsoft Account respectively

For your first step, please click on the following link:

application or renewal for Microsoft application

A window will open and you will be required to type in the following information:

  1. username: e.g. uk000200
  2. password: your pasword
  3. application: validate your data

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After that you will be required to tick two boxes:

  1. consent for the transfer of your data to Microsoft
  2. affirmation of the licence agreement

Your university-email-adress is mandatory to confirm your identity and the connection to the University of Kassel.

Click send to complete this step.

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Your application is accepted.

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In just a few minutes you will receive a confirmation-email from our IT department. The important content is framed in red.

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You will receive yet another email with a link to the Officeportal, an ID and one initial password. To get to the portal, please click

Please fill in your data. After that you will find yourself on the homepage, where you can see all the 2016 Office products. Please click on install now.

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The installation process can take a few minutes. You can now use all the products by Microsoft-Office

You can also activate Office Apps for all major tablet operating systems. Just download the apps for free and activate it with your newly aquired account.

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Validity of MS-Office products

Your account is valid for 180 days. You will receive an email as a reminder to renew your application before that, provided that you (still) have a valid university membership. If you don´t renew your data during this time, your account will be deleted after approximately 30 days after your validation has run out.

We recommend using your university email adress (, because it functions as your user-account as well. You find an instruction for setting a preferred email-adress under the link preferred email.

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