Activating the UniAccount

for students

The following link will describe the process of activating your UniAccount step by step:

Please keep your immatriculation-number near by and a possibility to make a note of the generated accountnumber

for employees

The following link will guide you step-by-step through the activation-process:

Please keep your Personal-ID (SAP-ID) ready and something to write down the accountnumber ("uk-number") which will be generated.

There is no need to fill out an extra-form. You will find further information in the following file:


For other members of the university

As a guest or teacher without a SAP-Number you will receive an activation-code. The following link will lead you step-by-step through the activation-process of your Uni-Account:

Please keep your activationcode ready and something to write down your uk-number.

If you received an activation-password rather than a activation-code, please follow the instructions after under "for everyone else".

for everyone else

If you are no student with an immatriculation-number and no employee with a Personal-Nr. at the University of Kassel, you have to activate the account in addition to receiving the accountnumber ("uk-number"). Only then are you able to use the DV-services provided by the university.

1. Activating the UniAccount

Screenshot Anmeldung

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If the IDM does not start, make sure you change the settings of the popup blocker on "allow". After this step you should be able to get to the IDM



  • Click on the IDM home page and go to Request Access.



Screenshot Startseite des IDM, Zugriff anfordern rot umrandet.

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  • In the next step, please click Acitivation.

Screenshot Dashboard, Aktivierung ist rot umrandet.

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  • A new window will be opened. Please click Send.

Screenshot Account Aktivieren (Freischalten), Senden ist rot umrandet.

Now you log off by clicking on your name on the right hand side. Register as described above.

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2. Next you need to create a new password.

  • Click Change Password on the IDM home page.

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