We work for the health, security and efficiency of organizations and develop practical and scientifically valid methods.


  • MABO:
    Empolyee survey with the Kasseler MABO to measure stress as well as evaluating contentment, organizational climate and management behavior.

  • CeyebermanS:
    A measuring system to analyse body and eye movement to assess usability, mental stress and fatigue. Siehe Imagefilm.

  • Safety Scanning:
    A software supported presentation method to integrate safety into operational decision making processes from the beginning.

  • Healthy management:
    An intervention training that ensures a positive feedback of management behaviour to minimize absence rates and increase motivation and efficiency in the company.

  • CAHR-Method:
    Analysis of events with regard to the human cause and effective prevention measurements as in VDI 4006 Page 3.

  • COSI:
    A software to model and assess human information processing and human behavior in complex systems – e.g. in digital surroundings, for proof of safety, to assess dangers, for prototyping.

  • SIKU: 
    Questionnaire to assess the safety culture and to define useful intervention strategies to increase the safety awareness in the company.

  • NMDS:
    Non metrical multi-dimensional scale to analyze interactions in complex systems.

  • Assembly simulation:
    A lab to simulate and optimize manufacturing and commissioning processes.

  • Virtual Space:
    A 360° feedback system to simulate complex work or team situations.


  • Ergonomic analysis of the workplace with the complementary use of questionnaires, interview techniques as well as objective measurements and movement recordings, to efficiently assess and avoid physical and mental stress.
  • Assessment and guarantee of management systems: Psychologically efficient process design for an effective and realistic implementation in the management system.
  • Integrated assessment of mental stress, demographics, competence, leadership and work contentment as well as their interactions.