Haptics Lab


Objective determination of human sensations when touching vibrating surfaces
Objective and subjective assessment of frequencies, amplitudes, and vibration patterns
Proof of distinctness of different feedback patterns
Determination of technical preconditions for design 
Determination of contact time and interaction force
Derivation of design recommendations for haptic feedback in human-machine interaction


Construction of touchscreen mock-ups
Definition of scenarios, main, and secondary tasks
Experimental evaluation with human subjects
Assessment of effectiveness, efficiency, and user satisfaction regarding haptic feedback

In combination with all methods and procedures used in the usability lab like eye-tracking, facial expression analysis, or physiological measurements


Stationary touchscreen mock-up comprising a surface capacitance touch screen
Piezoelectric actuators to generate haptic feedback
Optical position sensor to measure vibration displacement
Software environment to generate haptic feedback and to simulate system response
Data acquisition interface for control and recording

In addition, the equipment of the usability lab is used