Simulator Lab


Objective determination of driver performance and driver behaviour under different conditions
Objective and subjective evaluation of input devices, display, and auxiliary systems
Objective and subjective evaluation of driving conditions and traffic situations


Construction of mock-ups and visual display
Equipping mock-ups with different input devices (steering wheel, joystick, pedals) and display instruments
Definition of scenarios, manoeuvres, and secondary tasks
Construction of road and rail tracks
Experimental evaluation with human subjects in the simulator

In combination with all methods and procedures used in the usability lab like eye-tracking, facial expression analysis, or physiological measurements


Vehicle mock-up as a partially covered chassis in original size
Motion base
Touchscreen to mimic navigation, information, and entertainment systems
High resolution visual simulation
Force feedback input devices
Driving simulation software for road and rail vehicles
CAN-bus interface

In addition, the equipment of the usability lab is used