Usability Lab


Identification of user requirements
Verification of prototypes
Empirical evaluation both in field and laboratory
Model-based evaluation of user interfaces


Psychological, physiological, and ergonomical analyses
Observations in real and simulated environments
Digital human modeling for workplace, product, and interaction design
Simulation of the effects of limitations in perception and mobility to provide for inclusive design
Tracking of user states to estimate stress and strain
Prototyping for mobile interaction with head-mounted displays and mobile devices
Capture and evaluation of physiological parameters and video-based emotion recognition
Subject screening regarding sensory abilities and mental state


Multichannel Behavior Recording:

  • Audio signal
  • Video view from multiple perspectives
  • Screen content, keyboard, and mouse input
  • Eye tracking, pupil diameter
  • Emotional state
  • Physiological parameters, among others
    • ECG
    • Skin conductance
    • Heart rate and arrhythmia
    • Respiratory rate and depth of breathing

Mobile recording during field studies, linked with geographical coordinates

Software to merge, synchronize, and display all channels, statistical analysis, behavioral classification, and interpretation

CAD software for workplace design and prototype development
Digital Factory for simulation and to analyse shop floor design
Digital human models for ergonomic and anthropometric model validation

Software to create wireframes, low- and high-fidelity prototypes
Smartphones, smartwatches, tablet PCs
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications, HMDs, and data glasses
Age simulation suit

Subjects address database