Labs and facilities

Model factory µPlant

The model factory is described in detail here: Model factory µPlant


PC pools

Haupt-Praktikumsraum mit PC-Pool
Main training room with PC pool

The Department of Measurement and Control operates three PC pools with in total of about 30 PCs. An extensive range of Matlab®/Simulink®-  and LabVIEW®  licenses are available for scientific and technical computing. They are used for internships and student projects / work.

Control engineering

The Department of Measurement and Control has several test stands, especially servo-pneumatic drives as well as mechatronic actuators for combustion engines. In addition, it operates 3-tank systems, an inverse pendulum and a portal crane. The systems are used in research and internships.

Three-tank system
Servopneumatic drive
Inverted pendulum/portal crane
Throttle valve

Measurement engineering

The Department of Measurement and Control operates a remote measuring and a mobile robotics laboratory. There are several remote measuring systems (thermography cameras, visual cameras, depth cameras, IR laser-based remote sensing systems, laser scanners, ultrasonic probes) as well as several mobile robot systems as carrier platforms. Furthermore, calibration and auxiliary equipment such as black body emitters, ultrasonic reference probes and gas leak simulators are available.

Thermography laboratory
Our "robot zoo"
Gas laboratory
Some remote measurement systems

The Department of Measurement and Control is equipped with several small experimental setups, e.g. for temperature and strain gauge measurement and infrared thermography.

Measurement engineering: Temperature measurement
Temperature measurement
Measurement engineering: Infrared thermography
Infrared thermography
Measurement engineering: Strain gauge measurement
Strain gauge measurement