Thermal components and systems

About 50% of end use energy in the EU is heat. The department Solar and Systems Engineering develops solutions with the goal to reduce this energy demand by increasing efficiency and integrating renewable heat. The research activities within the “Thermal Components and Systems” group are concerned with the investigation and the development of heat supply systems and their components.

The research is focused on the development and system integration of large-scale heat storages, the development of solar collectors, as well as the modeling and performance measurement of heat exchangers. Also included are the system level core competencies, which are monitoring and failure detection of (solar) thermal systems, implementation of mathematical optimization algorithms for an improvement of system configurations and operational strategies, increase of energy efficiency of existing heat supply systems, and development of innovative heat supply systems for buildings, processes and city districts.

The range of methodologies includes experimental studies, mathematical modeling, and optimization of thermal components and systems.

Current Projects


Former projects (since 2007)