Research Areas

Anticipation and Engineering

Future oriented paradigms for safe products and technologies for tomorrows demand

  • Anticipation of technological developments
  • Strategic technology foresight
  • Identification of conditions that promote or prevent the use of innovative technologies

Future Demands for Today's Products and Process Design

  • Interplay of product and process development
  • Holistic product and production system planning
  • Knowledge based systems

Local Product Properties and Consequences for Materials and Processes

  • Desired bunch of properties of the component as starting point for process and material development
  • High strength materials, graded properties, technology for advanced structures:
    • Products, materials and processes are considered jointly
  • Improved and new properties

Safety and Reliability

SAFETY and RELIABILITY of high performance materials

  • Indentification of relevant material properties for long term
  • stability and life time properties
  • Interplay of processing and materials
  • concerning long term properties and failure behavior
  • local properties, local stresses >> local failure
  • Interface stability, de-adhesion >> surface analysis
  • Material integrated failure marker


  • Multiphysics approaches for quality control
  • Robust predictable processes
  • Architecture and intelligence of processes
  • Self learning control systems
  • Visualization systems
  • Online process monitoring and modeling

Processes and Functions

Intelligent processing of materials for complex product functionality

  • Local functionalizing with bionic principles
  • Processing of hybrid structures
  • Processing of complex product design and integrated functions

Joining processes for multimaterial approaches

  • Joining of hybrid structures
  • Welding of polymers
  • Processing of multi-layered functional materials

Multiscale processing for integrated functions

  • Nano-imprinting
  • Material-property-changes during processing
  • Local functionalizing with thermomechanical processes