Aluminium and aluminium alloys

have been important construction materials for decades and are indispensable, for example, in aircraft construction. Due to its low density, aluminium is ideally qualified as a lightweight construction material. When aluminium is used, a component is three times lighter than a steel component with the same volume. However, parameters for the load-bearing capacity of aluminium are lower than those of a steel component, so that aluminium components have to be designed with a larger volume, thus eroding the density advantages. As a result of this and new developments in the area of steel materials, aluminium alloys have been pushed back again in many areas, e.g. in the automotive industry, despite numerous advantages. 

However, the use of high-performance aluminium components is indispensable for future lightweight structures. The key to exploiting the lightweight construction potential of aluminium lies in new shaping processes and the possibility of locally adjusting component properties to suit requirements. 

The goal of LOEWE's ALLEGRO focus therefore includes the design of new technologies for efficient processes in the shaping and heat treatment of wrought aluminium alloys.