Dr. Anja Köbrich León

Project coordinator
Address University of Kassel
Faculty of Economics and Management
Chair of Empirical Economic Research
Untere Königsstraße 71, 34117 Kassel

Postal address:
Nora-Platiel-Straße 5, 34109 Kassel
Room 2010
Telephone +49 561 804-7919
Office Hours:

by arrangement

Picture of Dr. Anja  Köbrich León

Research interests

Empirical economic research, behavioral economics, social networks, environmental and climate policy, cultural economics


Research articles in peer-reviewed journals:

Gutsche, Gunnar, Anja Köbrich León, and Andreas Ziegler (2018), On the relevance of contextual factors for socially responsible investments: An econometric analysis, Oxford Economic Papers, forthcoming.

Köbrich León, Anja and Christian Pfeifer (2017), Religious Activity, Risk Taking Preferences, and Financial Behavior: Empirical Evidence from German Survey Data, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 69, 99 -107.

Köbrich León, Anja and Christian Pfeifer (2013), An Empirical Note on Religiosity and Social Trust using German Survey Data, Economics Bulletin 33(1), 753-763

Dicussion papers submitted to peer-reviewed journals: 

Köbrich León, Anja (2013), Religion and Economic Outcomes - Household Savings Behavior in the USA, University of Lüneburg Working Paper Series in Economics 268

"Work in Progress":

Köbrich León, Anja and Janosch Schobin (2018), More than the sum of the parts: Influencing versus selection processes in environmental and prosocial choices in the household context (Arbeitstitel)

Köbrich León, Anja and Andreas Ziegler (2018), On the relevance of contextual factors for pro-environmental and ethical food consumption: An econometric analysis (working title).

Curriculum vitae

Since 10/2017

Project coordinator BMBF-Junior research group “Gamifying Peer-Influence: The Role of Friendship Networks in Decarbonizing Private Consumption Choices (DeCarbFriends)”

04/2014 – 09/2017:

Post-doctoral researcher at the Chair of Empirical Economic Research, Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Kassel


Doctorate in economics, Leuphana University Lüneburg,

Title of dissertation: "Essays in Cultural Economics - Economic Consequences of Religion"

05/2008 - 06/2013:

Doctoral fellow and external doctoral candidate , Chair of Economic Policy, Leuphana University of Lüneburg

10/2011 - 07/2012:

Lecturer in economics for industrial engineers at the Munich University of Applied Sciences

08/2009 - 09/2009, 02/2010 - 04/2010:

Research stay at the Department of Economics of the University of Santiago de Chile in Chile

02/2007 - 12/2007:

Marketing employee in the Marketing & Sales department at DEKRA Industrial, Stuttgart

10/2000 - 04/2007:

Diploma in economics, University of Hohenheim,

Main focus: Macroeconomics, Business ethics

Topic of diploma thesis: "Religionskulturen und Wirtschaftswachstum"


Tutorial for the lecture "Grundlagen der Ökonometrie" (BA): WS 2015/2016, WS 2014/2015, University of Kassel

Introduction to economics (BA): SS 2012¸ WS 2011/2012, University of Applied Sciences Munich

Tutorial for the lecture „Makroökonomie I“ (BA): SS 2010, Leuphana University Lüneburg

Tutorial for the lecture “Mikroökonomie I“ (BA): SS 2009, Leuphana University Lüneburg

Tutorial for the lecture „Interdisziplinäre Forschungsmethoden“ (MA): SS 2009, Leuphana University Lüneburg

Tutorial for the lecture „Mikroökonomie II“ (BA): WS 2009/2010, Leuphana University Lüneburg

Lecture series "Forscher in Aktion": WS 2009/2010, WS 2008/2009, Leuphana University Lüneburg

Tutorial for the lecture „Financial Economics” (MA): WS 2008/2009, Leuphana University Lüneburg

Conference talks

Annual Conference European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (2017), Annual Meeting of the German Finance Association (2015), Association for the Study of Religion, Economics, and Culture (2015, 2012), Scottish Economic Society (2012), Tagung des Arbeitskreises quantitative Religionsforschung (2012), Tiber Symposium on Psychology and Economics (2011), Western Economic Association (2011), Glücksworkshop Universität Münster (2011), Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (2009)