DeCarbFriends is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the research area "Research for Sustainable Development (FONA) - Junior Research Groups Global Change 4+1" The funding program aims to develop innovative solutions for a sustainable society as a political basis for decision-making. In this regard, DeCarbFriends contributes to the development of CO2-friendly consumption through digital games.

This is analyzed at both, the individual level and the network level (whether friends can be encouraged to save C02). If the project succeeds, CO2 savings will arise, on the one hand side, already during the game implementation. Thus, the project directly supports the environmental performance of individuals. On the other hand, the project offers new ways of intervening in friendship networks, which in the medium term can lead to large CO2 savings in public institutions in Germany. DeCarbFriends, thus, contributes to the spread of sustainable lifestyles.