Ethnomethodology and Visuality

Instructor: Dr. Matthias Blanc (University CNRS, Lille 3, France)



This 'Ethnomethodology and Visuality' module deals with the issue: how visual properties of everyday practices are socially organized? In other words, it questions the visual methods used by social actors to organize events that structure their lifeworld. In order to take this practice-based theory of knowledge and action into account, we will focus on particular situations.

After an overview on the history of this sociological perspective (Ball & Smith 2011), we will concentrate on a comparative study that has sketched the lines for two decades (Goodwin 1996). In the second unit of this course, the fine-grained analysis of social organization that sustains this studyfocuses our attention. Therefore, we insist on the importance of sequentiality in the course of social action (Sacks & Schegloff 1973) and illustrate that with studies led in different social contexts (Hartswood & al. 2007, Mondada 2003, Schnettler 2006). The third term of this course takes more specifically into account the bodily dimension of social action, through video analysis of visits of museum exhibitions (Hindmarsh & al. 2011, vom Lehn 2001), and questions the limits of linguistic-based approaches of visual practice analysis. The research practice unit of the module is designed for analyzing recording materials from different fields in museums of art.


Required literature for preparation: tba