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Der Verbund aus Wissenschaft und innovativer Entwicklung, NanoBRIDGE, intensiviert die deutsch-russische Zusammenarbeit in den Technologiefeldern biomedizinische und bioanalytische Nanotechnologie (weiter lesen...)

NanoBRIDGE – объединение компаний, занимающихся научными исследованиями и инновационными разработками, укрепляет германско-российское сотрудничество в сферах биомедицинских и биоаналитических технологий (читать дальше...)

NanoBRIDGE - Bridging of the German and Russian Nanotechnology Excellence

The overall aim of the German-Russian network NanoBRIDGE is to intensify the scientific and technical cooperation in nanotechnology especially in biomedical applications, in nanoanalytics and applied nanotechnology. Russian and German partners are to benefit equally from joint research and development projects, scientific and technical events and exchanges of experts, young scientists and students to enhance their international competitiveness in a strong and sustainable way.

NanoBRIDGE offers expertise in:

  • nanostructures, nanophotonics and nanooptics for biomedical diagnostics, therapeutic applications such as drug-delivery for implants and pharmaceuticals, and genetic engineering and gene transfections
  • selective sensors in medicine and technology
  • improvement of biocompatibility of implants
  • laser techniques in surgery
  • nanoanalytics for the characterization and optimization of material properties
  • production and development of coatings for the improvement of interfacial properties
  • education and training

NanoBRIDGE offers participation in:

  • Project development teams
  • Network conferences
  • Qualification courses
  • Internships in companies

You are welcome to become a partner of NanoBRIDGE! If you are interested, please contact us or fill in the application form and send it back together with a logo (jpg) of your institution to