Current Research

In the SHINE project universities and research institutes, manufacturers, software providers as well as district heating companies and industrial heat consumers work together on the development and implementation of large scale solar heating systems. 13 PhD students work in one of three work packages, i.e. “Solar District Heating”, “Solar Heat for Industrial Processes”, and “Sorption Processes and Materials”.

Our research objectives are ...

  • to reduce the large planning efforts (requiring expert knowledge) for systems integration into existing heating systems for new applications, especially for industrial processes,
  • to optimize complex hydraulics in terms of flexibility to serve variable loads, overall collector efficiency,pressure drop and safety of collector stagnation for different boundary conditions,
  • to optimize operation strategies of the respective solar heating systems,
  • to provide large, but inexpensive components like large stores and collectors,
  • to detect errors within the complex hydraulics and controlling and to suggest suitable maintenance activities,
  • to identify barriers within the supply chain and in the decision processes of the potential purchaser that limit the large scale implementation of the technology, and
  • to improve the performance of sorption materials via chemical modification and combination of fluid solid hybrid materials.