The Verein der Absolventinnen und Absolventen des Diplomstudienganges Supervision und des Masterstudienganges Supervision, Coaching, Organisationsberatung an der Universität Kassel (ASSCO) e.V. promotes scholarly and practical professional interaction between university-trained supervisors. ... more



The Vereinigung der Absolventen und Förderer des Bauingenieurwesens an der Universität Kassel e.V. facilitates contact and professional interaction between the School of Environmental and Structural Engineering and its alumni. The association promotes practical relevance in teaching and professional continuing education. ... more


GFB e.V.

The Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Forschung und Lehre im Institut für Bauwirtschaft der Universität Kassel (GFB) e.V. promotes research and teaching at the Institute of Construction Industry (IBW) as well as the cooperation and technical exchange between the fields of the IBW and corporate and construction practice ... more

Global Political Economy Alumni e.V.

This alumni association promotes networking and dialog between alumni and students of the English-language master’s degree program in Global Political Economy. The members of this still young association (founded in 2009) live and work all around the globe. The official language of the association is English. ... more

Herkules Racing Förderverband e.V.

Former members of the „Herkules Racing Team“ joined forces and founded the “Herkules Racing Förderverband e.V.” to support the current team in financial aspects and to provide expert knowledge. The association is a platform for maintaining contacts between Alumni and supportive companies. ... more

Hochschulverband Witzenhausen (HVW)

The Hochschulverband Witzenhausen (HVW) is the joint association of alumni, staff, students and sponsors of the university in Witzenhausen and its predecessor institutions. ... more

JuristiK e.V.

The members of the Verein der Studenten, Freunde und Förderer der juristischen Ausbildung an der Universität Kassel e.V. are students in the course of studies in business law. Alumni can apply for supporting membership, with which they undertake to support the association actively by giving lectures or arranging internships. ... more



The Kasseler Absolvent(inn)envereinigung Architektur, Stadtplanung, Landschaftsplanung (KAASL) promotes  the sharing of experience between members of the university community and persons working in the professional fields of architecture, urban planning, and landscape planning. ... more

Ökonomen 2.0

The expressed goal of the “Association of Economists 2.0” is to intensify contacts between students, alumni, doctoral candidates and professors of the University of Kassel as well as the businesses of the region, support students during their studies and internships and in their career planning, and help them network with alumni. Contact via

Universitätsgesellschaft Kassel e.V.

The Universitätsgesellschaft Kassel e.V. (UGK) sees itself as a bridge between the University of Kassel and the public. It is an alliance of North Hessian citizens, corporate representatives, associations, professional groups, organizations, parties, and cultural societies united in their goal to provide material and non-material support to the university. ... more