Instructions for Registration

Step 1: Registration start

You have studied, researched, taught or worked at the University of Kassel and would like to join the former members' network AlumniK in the eCampus. If you go to , you can register under "Registration for alumni" (Registration for former members).


In the top right-hand corner you will find the fields for the login to the eCampus. This is where, in future, you will login. The left-hand column of the browser window will tell you where you are in the registration process. The central part of the browser window will show you the masks of the registration process, in which you make your entries. In the left-hand column you will find contact details of the Alumni Service, if you have any questions. In the other instruction steps, we concentrate on the central area and registration content.

Step 2: User type

Choose "Student" if you have studied at the University of Kassel. Choose "Employee (University) / Lecturer", if you have worked at the University of Kassel. The choice influences the masks that follow. A multiple choice for people who have both studied and worked in Kassel is possible.

Multiple choice possible.

Step 3: Personal and contact

Enter personal data here. In addition to names and date of birth, which we need to authenticate and replicate your study and employment data, a private contact address and an email contact address are also necessary. Social contact data can be added, e.g. for academic co-operation with the University or with other alumni.

Enter your website and phone number

You cannot change your personal and family names because your name and date of birth authenticate you and your study data. If you change your name, for example on marriage, please contact the Alumni Service .

If you wish to give your telephone number or internet site for contact purposes, go to "Neue Anschrift hinzufügen" (Add new address) and choose "Website" instead of "Email" in the drop down list and enter your URL in the field to the right.

Step 4: Study

Here you can choose, from the lists provided, your degree course and combination of subjects. If you have done more than one subject, please add these via "Add subject".
Choose the degree you are studying for. It is not important if you already have this degree. Exchange students and persons who have continued their professional careers elsewhere are also welcome. The choice of the degree type influences only the selection of the degree courses displayed. If you do not find your degree course, please check the degree.

If you have done more than one degree course at the University of Kassel, e.g. Bachelor's and Master's, please add this information via "Add course of study" on the right-hand side of the degree courses.

Degree course not found?
The choice of the degree type influences the selection of subjects. If you do not find your subjects, check the degree type.



Step 5: Employment

Choose the job description and organizational unit in which you were employed: academic researcher, contract teaching personnel in Faculty XY or employee in a major institution.

The specification of the commencement and termination of the employment is voluntary, but it helps us to send you a formal invitation to former members' gatherings of particular years.

Several university jobs?
Have you worked in various Faculties or institutions? Then use the field "Add other position/function" on the right hand side to add any other employment at the University.

Step 6: Selection of options

Depending on your personal interests you can select here the services you regularly wish to be informed about. Click on the service you wish in the box provided.

Choices from other Faculties. You have studied social work, but are now interested in information technology. Simply select the option. Please note: If you subscribe to options of other faculties, your correspondence and email address will be seen by the one responsible for the option.

Step 7: Providing access data

Here you can decide which email address you want to use to correspond with us in future and which password to use in order to login. Your user name will be sent to you later by email.

Please note that University of Kassel e-mail addresses of students and employees are usually deleted by the Information Service Centre (ITS) automatically three months after the end of registration as a student and/or employment at the university. So please provide a long-term e-mail address when registering so that we can also contact you in the future.




Step 8: Reason for contact

If you wish, you can specify on this page how you became aware of the former members' network and why you wish to remain in contact with the University and your Faculties. Your details help to improve our services and increase them in accordance with your wishes.

Step 9: Check entries

At the conclusion of the data replication, you once again have the opportunity to check all entries and, if necessary, make changes in the appropriate register card.

Step 10: Consent

At this point, you can decide whether you wish to be part of the former members' network and agree to the processing of your data in AlumniK. Please consent to the data processing and the one-time data replication as well as to the acknowledgement of your right to revoke by clicking on both boxes so that we can accept you as a member in AlumniK.

Step 11: Confirmation email

You have now been through the registration process and will now receive an automatic email. It contains a link, which you have to click on or copy into your browser. In this way you confirm that you have done the registration yourself and of your own volition. As soon as you have verified the release code in the email by clicking on the appropriate place, your registration is complete.

We then release your access. Thereafter, you have complete access to the alumni services in the eCampus and to the community.

You can download the data entered for your own records in a pdf document.