Standards of Quality

Quality standards for events and workshops

The events and workshops offered by the Career Service are a service of the university for its students.  The spectrum of events consist of general application qualifications, the introduction of career fields, the provision of further qualifications for both the general and specific needs of individual departments.

Practical Relevance

The Career Service offers both half and full day workshops along with special workshops spanning several days.  The workshops are done only in cooperation with independent lecturers. The lecturers come directly out of the practical field and possess years of extensive experience in their respective areas along with the planning and participation of workshops. A high level of practical content is a major perquisite in the Career Service's choice of the proper lecturer.

The Career Service regularly offers two hour presentations on introducing career fields.  In these presentations the institutions and companies in some of the biggest areas of student interest are invited to give students a general introduction and overview of the area of interest. Possible job entry positions and possibilities and their requirements will be centrefold in such presentations.

Assurance of Quality Standards

1) With a new lecturer, a member of the Career Service will always be present at the workshops.  
2) The quality of the workshop will be further evaluated with the help of student input through the use of evaluation forms handed out at the end of the workshop.