Participation Requirements

1. Registration

For all events a pre-set registration deadline exists. To register please use the online registration application, please note that all registrations are binding.  All registrations will be considered in the order of their arrival.  After receiving the registration the participant will receive an E-mail confirming the user's registration along with the time, date, and additional information pertaining to the event. Two weeks before the event is to take place all participants will receive an E-mail reminding them of their registration along with any additional or changed information pertaining to the event. In the case that the event has reached its capacity the message 'This event is unfortunately full' will be shown and the waiting list will be initiated.

2. Participation Requirements 

All University of Kassel students, alumni, as well as doctoral students and employees are eligible for participation in all Career Service events.  When specific events are offered for individual majors or programs here on the university, it will be specifically mentioned in the event description text. Students of other majors and study programs are able to attend these events, yet will in this case be given diminished priority to those who meet the major or study program requirement.  Students of different majors or study programs will be able to attend if the maximum capacity for the event has not been met. Students of different majors or study programs and students placed on the waiting list will then receive an E-mail from us confirming their chance to attend.

3. Data Protection

The collection and storage of personal data occurs on a voluntary basis. Provided data serves only for statistical and administrative purposes within UniKasselTransfer Career Service and will not be published or forwarded to third parties. The given permission to use personal data can be revoked by the concerned person at any time. To do so, please contact Jens Behrmann at 0561 804 2472 or via email at Data protection requirements will be taken into account.

4. Regarding Payment

All Career Service events are, unless listed otherwise, free of charge for all students, alumni, and employees of the University of Kassel. 
5. Withdrawal of Registration

In the participant is unable to attend, it is required that they withdraw their registration. If you would like to withdraw from an event please contact us at the following address:
In the case that the participant is unable to attend please remember to withdraw from the event, otherwise other potential participants on the waiting list will be denied an opportunity to attend due to the place being reserved for the non-attendee. Withdrawal of participation is possible at any time.

6. Waiting List

In the case of an event has reached maximum capacity a waiting list will be initiated. 

The Career Service will send a reminder E-mail 10 days before the beginning of the event to all registered participants, afterwards a few places will normally be freed. Individuals on the waiting list will then be informed of the number of free places open for registration.

7. Program Changes

The organizer has the right to cancel the event at any time due to low attendance or unforeseen circumstances.  The participants will be informed of this decision in advance.

8. Credits

For further information on the distribution of credits click here.