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Why must I unregister for a workshop if I no longer wish to attend?

Out of fairness and respect for other interested participants please unregister for the workshop if you are no longer intending to attend.  Often our workshops and events are full and wait lists are implemented. If you choose not to unregister and do not attend then another attendee on the wait list will not have the opportunity to fill the vacant seat.

In most cases a simple E-mail to career@uni-kassel.de containing your registration information with the intention to cancel will suffice.

Why must I register for workshops?

There are many reasons:

  •  In order to keep the participation in our workshops open to all attendees and without charge the Career Service needs the registration of attendants so as to track attendance statistics.
  • Your registration keeps these workshops free and open to everyone.By many workshops, especially those with a high level of practical application or personal advisement, is the number of attendees especially important.  With this information the lecturer is able to adjust their content to fit the size of the group to ensure maximum quality.
  •  The number of registered attendees is important as it helps us in acquiring a room of ample size for the attendees.

Are the same workshops always offered?

Some workshops, such as the Application Training, are offered on a regular basis.  With exception to a few specific workshops, the Career Service seeks to offer as much diversity as possible.  With workshops that are exceptionally full and in particular demand the Career Service will try to offer them again in the following semester as well, ensuring that all those interested have an opportunity to attend.

Can I make a suggestion for a future event or workshop?

Of course!

At the end of every workshop participants have the opportunity to fill out a feedback form. You may write your suggestions under the section marked: “What topics would you like to see covered in future workshops?”

Of course you can also send us your suggestion via E-mail to career@uni-kassel.de.

For more information on past workshops and events offered, please click here. (Link in German)

There is a waiting list for a workshop I signed up for, what does this mean?

10 days before a workshop is going to start, we send an E-mail to remind those who have registered. Some unregister for the workshop after receiving our notification, which leaves a few more seats open to those who would like to attend. Those who are on the waiting list will be informed accordingly and will then be able to sign up for the now open positions.

Job and Internship Search

I just can seem to find a fitting job opening. What can I do?

Those who search in the job databases for positions listed under their subject of study rarely find fitting jobs. This is especially true for students of the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Liberal Arts. Job listings for specific subjects are rarely seen outside of the natural sciences. That does not mean that there are no job positions for non-STEM degrees in the databases. For these positions the individual applicant’s profile is more important than the subject they studied. For assistance in developing job searching strategies, job orientation, or in finding and using the right keywords, please visit us in the Career Service Center.

I am feeling overwhelmed by too much information. What can I do?

There is a broad stream of freely accessible information regarding job databases or application strategies. Occasionally, these resources even contradict one another or are hopelessly outdated. We can assist you on a personal level in finding the right start. Our guidance services are especially here to help you with your needs. Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to go through our job search resources for free. Commented lists for job and internship databases, materials on how to acquire a part-time job in Kassel, and materials on many other frequent topics are available in German on our Download and Links page.

Does the Career Service provide job placement?

Unfortunately the Career Service is unable to offer or directly place students in positions. The Career service is able to assist students in their search for prospective positions with the help of our databases and further assistance in the writing of job applications.

Can I also find internship positions in the JobPortal database?

Of course you can!

Our Jobportal database is divided into jobs for students, which also contains internships and student jobs, and jobs for alumni for jobs more suited to those who are finished with their studies.

How do I find an internship in Kassel?

We have compiled a partial list of regional companies known for providing internships to students in the region, especially those studying Liberal Arts and the Humanities. Furthermore, on the page for Company Profiles, there are many companies listed, yet these employers are focused more on students in more technical programs.  

When is the next career fair?

The next career fair, meet, will take place on May 16th 2019. Tips on how to prepare for the meet and for other career fairs can be found here.

How do I get in contact with employers?

Establishing professional contacts is critical for the success of an application. This is the case for applications responding to job advertisements as well as for initiative applications.

How should I address the topic of salary expectations?

Gauging realistic salary expectations is dependent on many factors. We have compiled important information for you here and have a commented link list for download here.  
We love to assist you, if you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to contact us per E-Mail at (career@uni-kassel.de).

I am looking for a part-time job in Kassel. Where can I find one?

Tips for finding a part-time job can be found on the following page. This list contains jobs focusing purely on earning money. High quality part-time jobs which can help further your future career opportunities can be found in our Jobportal. Taking the initiative and preemptively scanning the potential job market in Kassel is a very practical idea, as most part-time jobs are not advertised openly.




I have a job or an internship I would like to offer. How do I go about doing this?

The easiest way to reach our students would be through our Jobportal.  The Jobportal is an external database managed by the IQB.  Internship and job positions are free to upload, but a minimal fee is placed for positions geared towards alumni.  For further details on how to place a position in the database please follow the link below:

Furthermore it is also possible to email us the position information and it will be subsequently be printed out and made available for students to see.

Does it cost anything to create a company profile?

No, creating a Company profile on our homepage is absolutely free.

Please note that the company profiles offering academic jobs and internships in the Kassel – Nordhessen region can be forwarded. Academic jobs and internships are positions offered by the employer where interns and young employees can learn from others in the field and from their fellow skilled coworkers.