Tips career fair meet@uni-kassel

When is the next meet?

The next meet takes place on May 14th 2020.

How can I best prepare myself for the meet?

  • Try to gather as much information as possible about the desired company and the desired position. Familiarize yourself with the company's homepage, their various print and online resources, and read their job postings carefully to get a feel for the significant factors the company considers when screening potential employees.
  • Take advantage of the services and help provided by the Career Service: attend our application training workshop and/or our preparatory events.



How do I best approach the companies at the meet?

Be direct and focused when establishing contact for the first time, getting their attention and making a positive first impression is paramount. Remember, in order to be successful in establishing contact with a company and making a positive first impression, you are always responsible for taking the first step.

"Searching online, I saw that your company has a department for Corporate Communications. Luckily, I already have some experience in that department from my part-time job at X (give an appropriate example for the position) and similar material covered in my studies with Y (give an example fitting to the position). How does an internship involving Corporate Communications look like and how do I go about acquiring one?"

Although such an introduction does not guarantee that you will find a fitting job or internship, it does significantly boost your chances of getting positive feedback.

Do I have to bring my curriculum vitae with me to the meet?

No. You are not obligated to bring your curriculum vitae or any other application documents with you to the meet. For more information on better materials to bring to the meet rather than the curriculum vitae, please stop by the Career Service; there we can assist you with short applications, application fliers, and other ways to contact the companies present.

In the weeks leading up to the meet, the German language online application portal will be accessible. For more information click here.

Which companies will be in attendance at the 2020 meet?

Generally, there are around 25 various companies in attendance. Approximately, 2/3 of the companies are regular attendees, having participated in previous years as well, especially those located in Kassel and the surrounding region.

What should I wear to the meet?

You do not need to attend in a full suit or formal business attire.
For women: a nice pair of pants, a clean cut pair of jeans, a skirt with blouse, or a shirt with a blazer are acceptable. 

For men: a nice pair of pants or a clean cut pair of jeans with a button-up shirt and possibly a jacket is acceptable.

Tip: Take a look at what the people on the company's website are wearing and dress accordingly. This is also a good idea when attending a job interview.



What if I speak better English than German, can I still come to the meet?

Of course, practically all of the company representatives attending will be able to speak English. You are more than welcome to speak to all companies in attendance in English, but it would still be a good idea to inform yourself about the company in advance:

  • Is the company active internationally and not just in Germany?
  • Is their website also available in English?
  • Is the company headquartered in an English speaking country or are they a part of an international corporation?
  • Does the company have close contacts with English speaking partners and contacts?
  • Are there specific projects or departments where the office language is English?

If one or more of these questions can be answered positively, then the chances that contacting them in English will produce positive results will rise.

What do I do now that the meet is over?

Remember the names of the company representatives and save their contact information (ask for business cards!). Write down the most important information which could be useful for an immediate or future application.

If you want to apply for the job immediately, do not wait; send your curriculum vitae within 48 hours following your conversation. If you wish to apply later, you can always mention the meet and your contact conversation in the application letter.

I want to visit another career fair, are the same tips valid for another fair as well?

All of the aforementioned tips are valid for other career fairs. The content and areas of focus can change from career fair to career fair (international fairs, fairs for specific occupations, alternative fairs) and as such have different conversational situations, regardless the strategies for visiting the fairs are generally applicable everywhere.

Are there other fairs on the University of Kassel?

Along with the central career fair, the meet, the University of Kassel annualy offers the 'Firmenmesse des Fachbereichs Elektrotechnik/Informatik' and the 'Praxismesse des Instituts für Sozialwesen'. The meet always takes place in the second half of May and the other fairs during June.