Faculties, facilities and services


Faculty of Human Sciences

The Faculty of Human Sciences is one of the largest at the University of Kassel and consists of the departments of Educational Science, Music, Psychology and Social Work and Social Welfare. Teaching focuses mainly on the training of primary and secondary school teachers and the qualification of social educational professionals. A BSc programme in psychology was added in the fall of 2010. Research focuses on empirical education and childhood, consultation, social policy and law.

Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities consists of the departments of Philosophy, Protestant Theology, Catholic Theology, English/American Studies, German Studies with German as a Foreign and Second Language, and Romance Studies. The Faculty of Humanities encompasses a wide range of research and teaching interests from the study of medieval manuscripts to computer linguistics, to languages in the classroom and intellectual, media, and cultural history of modern western societies. The high-profile doctoral colloquium "GeKKo" is organised for doctoral candidates in cultural studies and the humanities.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Teaching and research at the Faculty of Social Sciences are centred on history, political science, sociology, geography, and sports and sports science. Methodologically and theoretically grounded Bachelor programmes, international Master programmes, and teacher training courses are offered for all levels of education. Numerous individual and group research projects focus on issues in the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. Research in the Faculty of Social Sciences reflects and responds to the challenges of our time, such as migration and globalisation, ecological requirements, changing educational structures, spatial concepts, and the interdependence of space and gender.

Faculty of Economics and Management

The Faculty of Economics and Management offers a sound academic base in the core areas of business administration, economics, law, and professional education.  Courses lead to Bachelor and Master degrees. Research in the Faculty of Economics and Management is closely connected with teaching and offers students a broadly diversified interdisciplinary range of educational choices. The six main areas of research focus are economy, environment, competence development, dialogue marketing, management, and controlling.

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics, along with the Technical Elementary Education curriculum, provide students with a solid foundation in mathematics and science.  In cooperation with the Center for Interdisciplinary Nanostructure Science and Technology (CINSaT) and the Institute of Nanostructure Technologies and Analytics (INA), international and interdisciplinary teams work together in a broad range of applied research fields.

Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences

Teaching and research at the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences (University of Kassel Witzenhausen campus) emphasise the systemic relationships between soil, plants, animals, humans and technology. The principal purpose of farming, in addition to producing food of high biological and health quality, is to maintain closed cycles whenever possible and forgo short-term economic advantages. Witzenhausen has been home to internationally-oriented agricultural education for over 100 years. The school encompasses 28 teaching areas and fields of research.

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

A total of 18 fields grouped into six departments make up the university Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The main research areas are new materials, the environment, and transport infrastructure. Practically-oriented Bachelor programmes and the possibilities for specialisation in Master programmes offer students numerous opportunities for professional development.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is responsible for the courses of study in mechanical engineering, mechatronics, and renewable energy and energy efficiency. A total of six departments plus the department of Lightweight Design offer not only the fundamentals of an education in engineering, but also a broad range of interdisciplinary work. This shows in partnerships with other schools, research centres and the regional and national business sector.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is distinguished by a close link between research and teaching and a broad-based technical orientation. Study courses address rapid technical transformation and market globalisation through capable research and teaching, interdisciplinary cooperation, and contact with partners in the industry. Twenty-seven departments offer a wide range of opportunities for students changing career paths, as well as a special programme for international students and courses that are unique in Germany.

School of Art and Design

Founded in 1777, the School of Art and Design upholds a long tradition as an academy. By offering courses of study in fine arts, visual communication, product design, art education, and aesthetics and art history, it is one of the few academies to integrate academic and artistic programmes. In addition to facilities for specific courses of study, the School of Art and Design also maintains interdisciplinary studios that give students the opportunity to connect with and constructively share various types of craftsmanship and artistic competence.

The main facilities and services

International Study Centre/International Language Centre (Internationales Studienzentrum)
The ISZ offers an interdisciplinary range of courses for university students, employees, and guests enabling them to acquire and improve language skills and key qualifications. For non-native German speakers, the language centre offers DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang) preparatory classes to assist University of Kassel applicants with the German language proficiency test for university admission. In some cases, academic qualifications obtained outside of Germany do not entitle applicants to direct university admission. The ISZ also offers bridging and access courses to prepare these applicants in terms of academics, language skills, and methodology for admission to a degree programme at a German university. Furthermore, the ISZ carries out international summer and winter university programmes. 

Library (Universitätsbibliothek)
The University of Kassel library is a place of learning and a source of scientific information for the university as well as the general public. Library policies aim at creating the best possible learning environment and providing optimum access to information in support of the university community. In its capacity as a state library, it is a trustee of written cultural heritage. With the Murhardsche Library, it is a citizens’ library and public venue (Eulensaal).

IT Service Centre (IT Servicezentrum)
The University of Kassel central IT service unit manages the technical infrastructure and central systems for research, teaching and administration.

UniKasselTransfer actively pursues the knowledge transfer from the University of Kassel to all areas of society. This is reached with the help of research partnerships, new business ventures, technology transfers, patent management, the career services, the organisation of continuing education, work-study programmes, service learning as well as with the help of alumni networking.

Teaching Service Centre (Servicecenter Lehre)
The Servicecenter Lehre (SCL) actively supports the professionalisation of university teaching as well as the assurance and advancement of quality teaching and learning at the University of Kassel. The SCL focuses on a range of tiered continuing education programmes designed to support the continuous development of competence in teaching as well as on the consultation and support of faculties in the development of studying and teaching and the use of new media.

    Student support and services

    The study enquiries ("Information Studium") is the contact point for students and prospective students who have general questions about studying at the University of Kassel. We can provide information on a variety of university-related issues and, if necessary, refer you to more specialised student support services.  

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    Communications and Public Relations

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