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  1. Prof. Dr. Nora Sternfeld will be the new documenta Professor at the Kassel School of Art and Design, a part of the University of Kassel. The Austrian native is currently a professor at the Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland....[more]

  2. Social inequality, conflict, ecology, identity – a new socioscientifical centre is tasked with researching subjects such as these. The center in Guadalajara, Mexico is being jointly developed by the University of Kassel and...[more]

  3. Desigualdad social, conflictos, medio ambiente, identidad – son los temas que serán investigados en el centro de ciencias sociales que establece la Universidad de Kassel en conjunto con la Universidad de Bielefeld y otras...[more]

  4. Humans now have a new great-great-great-ancestor – a bag-shaped, 535 million year old pipsqueak without an anus. An international research team discovered the fossil, which forms part of the base of the deuterostomes, a branch of...[more]

  5. A solution to rural poverty and rangeland resource degradation in post-socialist Mongolia? The presentation is held by Dr. Tungalag Ulambayar. Date is 16 December 2016.[more]

  6. Pursuing the land-labour-livelihood debate, the presentation of Akua Opokua Britwum examines how rural agrarian economies have been shaped by their century long relations with gold mining centers in Ghana. The Date is 7 DECEMBER...[more]

  7. Thessaloniki, Greece ‐ Alexander Technological Educational Institute (ATHEI) of Thessaloniki –24 – 29 October 2016[more]

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