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University Degrees and Programms in Germany

Learn about the academic degrees in Germany: 

Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate courses are usually designed for students without a first degree. Below, you can find information on obtaining an undergraduate degree (a Bachelor's degree) or passing the Artistic Examination.

Postgraduate Courses

In order to be admitted to a postgraduate course, you must have a first degree (a Bachelor's degree or equivalent) in a related field of study. The links below provide information on obtaining a postgraduate degree (Master's degree).

Doctorates, Dissertations, PhD programmes

In order to be admitted as a doctoral student, you must have a Master's degree or equivalent in a related field of study. A Bachelor's degree is not usually a sufficient prerequisite for doctoral studies. For more detailed information please visit the website of the Graduate Academy of the University of Kassel.

Short-Term Programmes

During semester breaks, the University of Kassel offers international students the opportunity to participate in short-term programmes that promise high quality education, credit points, valuable personal experience and first-hand impressions of Germany and Europe.