Titel: Forschungskolloquium: Organizing Competition
Startdatum: 17 Mai
Startzeit: 17:00
Stoppzeit: 18:30Uhr
Veranstalter: INCHER-Kassel
Professor Nils Brunsson (Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University, and Score (Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research) at the Stockholm School of Economics and Stockholm University, Sweden) 
Ort: Universität Kassel, Mönchebergstr. 15

Over a long period and in many areas competition has become seen as a positive phenomena to strive for. Not least, competition was a significant value in the administrative reforms of some states that were subsumed under the concept of new public management. Yet, in scholarly treatments the meaning of the concept of competition is often unclear or ambiguous. What shall we mean by competition and how does competition relate to organization?