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QTAFI - Questions, Tables and Figures

QTAFI is a kind of CASUMAS - a computer aided survey management system.

QTAFI helps you in several steps of your work.

  • Helps to create a well designed questionnaire
  • Provides a proposals for a codebook format
  • With the QTAFI codebook you can get automatically

  • the SPSS data definition of your questionnaire
  • the SPSS tables commands to get ready to print tables
  • automatically formatted tables from Microsoft Word.

ONLINE_QTAFI - Questions, Tables and Figures - ONLINE

Latest version: 11. July 2006

Download the PHP scripts ONLINE_QTAFI: qtafi_php_2_0.zip

Download the online.QTAFI documentation (about 700 KB): online.qtafi2.doc

Download the online.QTAFI documentation (PDF; about 400 KB): online.qtafi2.pdf

QTAFI MACRO Version 6.1 (VBA) from 6. December 2006

Download the QTAFI macro (about 2.2 MB): qtafi.doc

Further QTAFI Material

Download a Powerpoint presentation of QTAFI (German language; 0.6 MB): qtafi_de.ppt

Download the QTAFI macro - Spanish language (about 2.2 MB): qtafi.doc (zip file)

Download the QTAFI documentation (PDF; about 2.2 MB): qtafi.pdf

Download the QTAFI template (about 1.6 MB): qtafi.dot

Please report any problems to the author: Harald Schomburg schomburg@uni-kassel.de


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