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  1. We welcome Ferdinand Kastl who joins the CIS group as new research assistant on October, 1[mehr]

  2. The journal article “Periodical Switching between Related Goals for Improving Evolvability to a Fixed Goal in Multi-Objective Problems" (S. J. Ovaska, B. Sick, A. H. Wright) has been accepted for publication in the Information...[mehr]

  3. The journal article “Processing Short-Term and Long-Term Information With a Combination of Polynomial Approximation Techniques and Time-Delay Neural Networks” (E. Fuchs, C. Gruber, T. Reitmaier, B. Sick) is now available online...[mehr]

  4. Funding Approved
    vom 12.07.2009

    The German Research Foundation (DFG) approved the funding for our research project “On-Line Fusion of Functional Knowledge Within Distributed Sensor Networks” in the third phase of the priority program “Organic Computing”.[mehr]

  5. The journal article “On-Line Intrusion Alert Aggregation With Generative Data Stream Modeling” (A. Hofmann, B. Sick) has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing.[mehr]

  6. Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister hat am 7 September 2012 ein englischsprachiges Seminar zum Thema „Trust Engineering in Ubiquitous Computing Systems“ an der Copenhagen Business School gehalten.[mehr]

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