Titel: KIK-Vortrag "How to create an IoT Platform as an A..
Startdatum: 29 November
Startzeit: 16:00
Stoppzeit: 17:00Uhr
Veranstalter: FG Intelligente Eingebettete Systeme - Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sick
Ort: Wilhelmshöher Allee 71-73, Hörsaal 0315

Kaushik Gopalan, Svetlana Danchenko, Marco Kick
(Mercedes-Benz Vans, Stuttgart)


"How to create an IoT Platform as an Auto OEM

Future Transportation @ Mercedes-Benz Vans (part of Daimler AG) is on the path to creating a platform around its IoT / Cloud infrastructure. This is based around OLU (Onboard Logic Unit), an IoT Component (split into 2 boxes based on functionailty), a Cloud infrastructure, and a platform layer around them. Through this set-up, it is possible to make the cargo space digital and intelligent, and, combined with vehicle data (through CAN, for instance), this opens the door for innovative solutions for the Van that were not possible before. 
In creating a platform, one needs to build an ecosystem – “Producers” of consumer value, and “Consumers” of said value. At Future Transportation, we will aim to first attract and empower the “Producer” side. We will do this by inviting and engaging potential “Producers” across the spectrum of our van’s ecosystem – universities, startups, niche specialists, large System Integrators, Enterprise Software companies, etc. On a technical level, we have made the OLU (almost) freely programmable, so that anyone with programming skills can write an app on it without having to understand automotive software. We shall show some examples of how we have already used or plan to use the platform for our own developments and what technologies are used in order to reach the goal of really creating a convincing platform.