17.04.2020 10:59

On being turned off. An Un_Timely Lab.

The research project Re:Coding Algorithmic Culture will host a Lab and three Meet_ups in the period from April 20-27, 2020.

20 – 27 April 2020

20 – 27 April 2020

Through a_synchronous meetings (gatherings) we will practice
story-telling, go for a walk in between different times, encounter
unknown matters, and speculate on staying not-healthy.

Meet_up 1, Tuesday 21 April 20, 10.00 – 12.00 GMT+1
Meet_up 2, Thursday 23 April 20, 19.00 – 20.30 GMT+1
Meet_up 3, Friday 24 April 20, 17.00 – 19.00 GMT+1

Please visit https://r-calc.net/beingturnedoff for more information on
the meet_ups.

Please register for the meet_ups at un-timely@r-calc.net, you will get
an email with an access code for the meet_up chat space. Emails will be
answered until 2 hours prior to each meet_up. Chat access codes are
valid for all meet_ups.

You can also visit the website in between the meet_ups, there will be
things to look at and listen to. Sometimes the website will also be
turned off.

The project Re:Coding Algorithmic Culture has won a grant from the VW
Foundation within the category ‚Original – isn’t it?’. Over the next 1.5
years, the project participants will investigate the question of how
algorithmically based collections, classifications and interpretations
of data can perpetuate existing social inequalities/ discrimination –
and also challenge, if not redefine them. Research formats will be
hackathons, game jams, coding workshops, participatory design labs,
design noir Experiments, performances, exhibitions as well as video and
text analyses. These interdisciplinary labs are meant to be critical,
queer-feminist, anti-racist and work with de colonial knowledge in
digital-real space. The application was submitted by Sociology of
Diversity, University of Kassel, Gender/Diversity in Informatics
Systems, University of Kassel and Visual Communiation, Kunsthochschule
Kassel. Workers on the project (alphabetically) include: Claude Draude,
Elisabeth Tuider, Eunice Njoki, Ipek Burçak, Isabel Paehr, Johanna
Schaffer, Loren Britton, Nicole voec, Pinar Tuzcu and Tom Fixemer.