The Technology Day

Die Videoaufnahmen der letzten Veranstaltung finden sie HIER

[The Technology Day is an event intended for high school students who are interested in science and technology. The aim of the event is to inspire young people and show them the way to the engineering profession. By promoting and supporting many local companies, we have the opportunity to achieve this goal in a highly diverse manner. 

The rough plan of the day consists of participants spending the morning in companies assigned to them, where engineering professions are presented. In the afternoon, after a lunchtime break, the university campus will continue with a welcome speech and short lectures follow afterwards. Following this part, the participants will be divided back into groups and led through various university laboratories. The conclusion of the day is a discussion with the possibility to clarify open questions.

The allocation of the laboratories or companies is carried out by the organization team and is strongly based on interests, which can be stated in the application.

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More details are available on: The department of Electrical Engineering and Computre Science offers information for pupils and people who are intrested at studing at our faculty.