On this website you will find information about lectures, projects and seminars offered by the group. If you have any questions, please write Olga Kieselmann and Nils Kopal.

The department currently offers two lectures: "Introduction to Applied Cryptology" provides the basics of cryptology in the winter semester. In the summer semester, "Security in Communication Networks" teaches the application of these principles in modern security protocols. Both lectures are presented in annual rotation either in German or English language.
Persons in charge: Arno Wacker, Olga Kieselmann and Nils Kopal
Current lectures

Theses, projects and seminars:
The group always offers interesting theses, projects and seminars. For projects and thesis good programming skills (Java, C #, C ++, OpenCL, CUDA) and experience in software engineering are required. If you are interested, please send an email to the appropriate person.

  • Secure Distributed Computing (projects, theses)
    Here, simulators and "real world" implementations are developed that enable distributed computing within the frame of Volunteer Computing. Issues are, among other things: "How can I distribute tasks safely without a central authority?"; "How can I minimize the impact of cheating or eliminate it completely?"; "How can I maximize the speedup of parallel processing?"; "How can I minimize the computational overhead or redundant computations?". These, among other things, are explored with the help of the volunteer computing platform, which is developed at the research group.
    General topics include: Distributed Systems, Peer-to-Peer Computing, Cloud Computing, Security in Distributed Systems, Cheating and Cheat-Detection in Distributed Systems, Decentralized Distributed Computing.
    Responsible researcher: Nils Kopal
  • Delete Data on the Internet (projects, theses)
    Here, simulators and "real world" implementations are developed, which support the right to delete personal data on the Internet. This is made possible within at the research group developed DRS (Data Revocation Service), which is extended through theses and projects.
    General topics include: Distributed Systems, Peer-to-Peer Computing, Cryptology, Privacy, Web Engineering, Internet Protocols.
    Responsible researcher: Olga Kieselmann
  • Classical Cryptology - Cryptography and Cryptanalysis (projects, theses)
    This topic includes development of components for the open source program CrypTool 2 for modern and classic ciphers and cryptanalysis.
    General topics are here: Classical and Modern Cryptology, Networks and Protocols, Software Engineering, Graphical Visualization.
    Responsible researcher: Nils Kopal
  • Seminar Topics
    We offer seminars with topics related to Cryptology, Information Security and Distributed Systems (P2P, Cloud Computing, Volunteer Computing).
    Responsible are here: Olga Kieselmann and Nils Kopal