Denis Huselic

Address University of Kassel
Intelligent Embedded Systems
Wilhelmshöher Allee 73
34121 Kassel

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2019 [to top]

  • Kottke, D., Schellinger, J., Huseljic, D., Sick, B.: Limitations of Assessing Active Learning Performance at Runtime. CoRR. abs/1901.10338, (2019).

2018 [to top]

  • Tomforde, S., Dehling, T., Haux, R., Huseljic, D., Kottke, D., Scheerbaum, J., Sick, B., Sunyaev, A., Wolf, K.-H.: Towards Proactive Health-enabling Living Environments : Simulation-based Study and Research Challenges. ARCS Workshop 2018, 31th International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems. p. 1--8. VDE (2018).
  • Kottke, D., Calma, A., Huseljic, D., Sandrock, C., Kachergis, G., Sick, B.: The Other Human in The Loop -- A Pilot Study to Find Selection Strategies for Active Learning. International Joint Conference on Neural Networks. , Rio de Janiero, Brazil (2018).

2017 [to top]

  • Kottke, D., Calma, A., Huseljic, D., Krempl, G., Sick, B.: Challenges of Reliable, Realistic and Comparable Active Learning Evaluation. Proceedings of the Workshop and Tutorial on Interactive Adaptive Learning @ ECMLPKDD 2017. pp. 2-14 (2017).