Maarten Bieshaar

Address University of Kassel
Intelligent Embedded Systems
Wilhelmshöher Allee 73
34121 Kassel
Room 0304
Telephone +49 561 804 6056
Telefax +49 561 804 6022

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2020 [to top]

  • Scharei, K., Heidecker, F., Bieshaar, M.: Knowledge Representations in Technical Systems -- A Taxonomy, (2020).

2019 [to top]

  • Heidecker, F., Bieshaar, M., Sick, B.: Towards Corner Case Identification in Cyclists’ Trajectories. Proceedings of CSCS ’19: 3rd ACM Symposium on Computer Science in Cars (CSCS ’19) (2019).
  • Botache, D., Dandan, L., Bieshaar, M., Sick, B.: Early Pedestrian Movement Detection Using Smart Devices Based on Human Activity Recognition. In: Draude, C., Lange, M., and Sick, B. (eds.) INFORMATIK 2019: 50 Jahre Gesellschaft für Informatik -- Informatik für Gesellschaft (Workshop-Beiträge). p. 229--238. Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V., Bonn (2019).

2018 [to top]

  • Bieshaar, M., Depping, M., Schneegans, J., Sick, B.: Starting Movement Detection of Cyclists Using Smart Devices. DSAA. , Turin, Italy (2018).
  • Reitberger, G., Zernetsch, S., Bieshaar, M., Sick, B., Doll, K., Fuchs, E.: Cooperative Tracking of Cyclists Based on Smart Devices and Infrastructure. ITSC. , Maui, HI (2018).
  • Herde, M., Kottke, D., Calma, A., Bieshaar, M., Deist, S., Sick, B.: Active Sorting -- An Efficient Training of a Sorting Robot with Active Learning Techniques. International Joint Conference on Neural Networks. , Rio de Janiero, Brazil (2018).
  • Bieshaar, M.: Where is my Device? Detecting the Smart Device's Wearing Position in the Context of Active Safety for Vulnerable Road Users. In: Tomforde, S. and Sick, B. (eds.) Organic Computing: Doctoral Dissertation Colloquium. Kassel University Press (2018).
  • Deist, S., Bieshaar, M., Schreiber, J., Gensler, A., Sick, B.: Coopetitive Soft Gating Ensemble. Workshop on Self-Improving System Integration (SISSY). , Trento, Italy (2018).
  • Bieshaar, M., Zernetsch, S., Hubert, A., Sick, B., Doll, K.: Cooperative Starting Movement Detection of Cyclists Using Convolutional Neural Networks and a Boosted Stacking Ensemble. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles. 3, (2018).
  • Scharei, K., Herde, M., Bieshaar, M., Calma, A., Kottke, D., Sick, B.: Automated Active Learning with a Robot. Archives of Data Science, Series A (Online First). 5, A16, 15 S. online (2018).

2017 [to top]

  • Bieshaar, M., Reitberger, G., Zernetsch, S., Sick, B., Fuchs, E., Doll, K.: Detecting Intentions of Vulnerable Road Users Based on Collective Intelligence. AAET -- Automatisiertes und vernetztes Fahren -- Beiträge zum gleichnamigen 18. Braunschweiger Symposium vom 8. und 9. Februar 2017. p. 67--87. , Braunschweig, Germany (2017).
  • Beyer, C., Bieshaar, M., Calma, A., Heck, H., Kottke, D., Würtz, R.: Learning Without Ground Truth. Organic Computing -- Doctoral Dissertation Colloquium 2017. , Bochum, Germany (2017).
  • Bieshaar, M., Zernetsch, S., Depping, M., Sick, B., Doll, K.: Cooperative Starting Intention Detection of Cyclists Based on Smart Devices and Infrastructure. 2017 IEEE 20th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems. , Yokohama, Japan (2017).
  • Bieshaar, M., Reitberger, G., Kreß, V., Zernetsch, S., Doll, K., Fuchs, E., Sick, B.: Highly Automated Learning for Improved Active Safety of Vulnerable Road Users. ACM Chapters Computer Science in Cars Symposium (CSCS-17). , Munich, Germany (2017).