Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Clemens Hoffmann
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Clemens Hoffmann (department leader "Integrated Energy Systems" and institute leader Fraunhofer IEE)

The department “Integrated Energy Systems“ (INES) explores the transition of existing energy systems having two research foci: Energy Economics and Energy System Technology. The research within the two fields is grounded in the concepts of “Systems Theory of the Energiewende” put forward by INES.

In the Energy Economics focus, models for the mathematical description of energy systems are developed, and the static and dynamic behaviour of the system is investigated. By using optimisation methods that take into account technical constraints as well as micro economic and macro economic aspects, optimum designs of future energy systems are identified. From these optimisation results, we derive recommended actions for the stakeholders, technical designs and recommendations for legislation and market regulations.

Energy System Technology considers the technological aspects of the energy system that mediate between energy generation and energy consumption. These encompass the energy transporting grids for electricity, heat and gas, but also the communication grids that carry the information required for the operation of the energy system. Lastly, automation of technological components and automation of the business processes are part of the Energy System Technology research.

Furthermore, the group "Integrated Energy systems" is a linking part between Universität Kassel and Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economy and Energy System Technology (IEE). Fraunhofer IEE explores systemic aspects of the transition of the energy sector in Germany and world wide.